Body Contouring Procedures

Arm Lift

Some people who have lost weight, or others because of aging, develop loose skin hanging down from the upper arms. It is possible to remove this excess skin, and also sometimes remove some extra fat. This is usually done leaving a scar on the underside of the arm, where it hides well.


Deposits of fat under the skin can be removed to give the body a more pleasant contour. Some techniques melt the fat first. The liposuction machine then vacuums out the excess fat.

Tummy Tuck

After weight loss or pregnancy, there may be extra skin and fat on the abdomen which will not shrink by itself. Using an incision on the lower abdomen that can't be seen beneath a two-piece bathing suit, the extra skin is removed, and fat under the skin can also be decreased. In most cases it is also possible to narrow the waist.

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